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Welcome to T G I F Network

Now up and running on our own brand shiny new server, which runs 24 7 365 days a year.

Our Mission is:

That we can discuss and explore new technologies, DMR radios, digital modes, computers, and that these discussions can be held in a friendly and knowledgeable environment whilst still promoting Amateur Radio.

NXDN and YSF fusion bridges are back up and running.

Please remember to pause in between transmissions, as it takes a minimum of 3 seconds for everything to reset, and be ready for the next transmission.

Please note that no cross linking or bridging of any sort will be allowed without asking first, for details from one of the admin team listed below, this is to ensure that they are configured correctly for the network, and do not cause any looping or other technical problems.

To request a new talkgroup on the T G I F Network, please fill out a talkgroup request and post it on the T G I F Forum.  These can be found on the request section of the talkgroup section.

We also request that all that have successfully had a Talkgroup made of there own on the TGIF Network, please log-on to the T G I F Wiki site, and make a user account. please put some info about what the Talkgroup is about, or group it belongs too, thank you.

Most of the admins team can be found on Talkgroup 3 1 6 6 5. If you need to have a chat, or just need help, just call in.

The TGIF net is held on talkgroup 3 1 6 6 5 every Friday at 8:30 pm eastern standard time. Were we discuss a preselected topic, and other amateur radio related topics, why not tune in, all are welcome.

Enjoy,73 from your admin team, ( Robert, K4WZV, Admin ) ( Mitch, EA7KDO, Admin ) ( Ty, KG5RKI, Dev Team ) ( Michael, K5MRE, Dev Team ) ( Jason, KD5TJG, Dev Team ) ( Andy, G7LRR, Dev Team )