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Patch that depicts the Ar15 bolt face and the love of Ham radio.

ARFCOMM is a talkgroup for members and visitors of the number 1 gun forum on the internet known as also known as ARFCOM is open to anyone who has a interest in Firearms, Outdoors, Political discussion, Ham Radio, Vehicles, Hunting & Fishing, Camping and most importantly the technical discussion of the AR15. You will find AR15 forums to be a help with technical issues with various firearms types and other topics ranging from lawn care to Suppressors. This ARFCOMM 556 talkgroup is here for the HAM members of the forums to chat and connect with other Hams who enjoy the outdoors and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We welcome all non ARFCOM members to join in on the rag chew and join the forums. It is free to join and post, paid memberships start at $25 a year and expand the free account to have an avatar and greater messaging features. We ask that you keep the discussions clean and legal and most importantly have a good time making friends.