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'''NET MEETING-Every Thursday 8pm EST USA TGIF TG-357357'''
'''NET MEETING-Every Thursday 8pm EST USA TGIF TG-357357 <br>
'''Join us on Facebook @ Facebook.com/groups/tgif357357'''<br>
'''Join us on Facebook @ Facebook.com/groups/tgif357357'''<br>
We are currently working on a Zello link to the TG 357357.<br>
We are currently working on a Echolink to the TG 357357.<br>
More goodies to come in the future!!!<br>
More goodies to come in the future!!!<br>

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This Talk Group is for Free Masons World Wide and non Free Masons who have an interest in maybe to petition a local lodge where you reside. This is not political or any conspiracy propaganda. No bashing will be tolerated of any kind what so ever. There will be no warning and you will be banned immediately. This is however how Free Masonry has influenced your life or others and all stories if uplifting the Fraternity is encouraged. Topics from DeMolay, Shriners, Scottish Rite, and other branches are also part of our Fraternity and encouraged to participate. We do encourage any and all Hams that are Free Masons to share the DMR TGIF TG-357357 to on all Masonic Social Media to invite Brothers to join with thought of leadership and encouragement to join this group. Caution: No Masonic Recognition Devices are allowed here as this group will not be TYLED and to act accordingly.If there any topics of interest please let us know so we can and will address those topics.

We are looking for Brother/s that wish to share their knowledge during the weekly net. Please pick a topic about Free Masonry, Ham Radio, Electronic, Computers, whatever..... and present it as a topic for the night. We only grow as individuals based on the fellowship that we share and surround ourselves with.

NET MEETING-Every Thursday 8pm EST USA TGIF TG-357357

Join us on Facebook @ Facebook.com/groups/tgif357357

More goodies to come in the future!!!

Group Admins:

N8XYO- Earl Wells Paragon Lodge #788 Millbury, Ohio USA Past Chaplain, Lodge Education Officer [email protected]

K8RAP- Randy Proehl Lodge Affilation: Reynoldsburg Lodge #340 [email protected]

KA3ZHN- Charles Spangler Past Junior Warden Lodge Affilation: Kedon Lodge #389 Westmiddlesex, PA

If anyone has an interest to be admin or moderator for the Wiki, Zello, Echolink, Facebook Group, or the Server TG, please let us know. We are looking for a team of folks to make this the best TG on TGIF for our fellow brothers anywhere in the World.

73 and until we meet on the square!