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BlueDV TG124; The group was created to provide information, and help other BlueDV software Users. Products that run on BlueDV software includes ThumbDV, DVMEGA. Peanut, and others. Also including AMBE Chip. Please join us. For more information on BlueDV, including download click link:

We are not associated with the creator of the software, or any creator of hardware. However, we would like to recognize them for their hard work.

Your talk group administrators are; John


Installing TGIF and QRM Networks on BlueDV for Windows.

Disconnect and close BlueDV.

Navigate to .\Documents\BlueDV Open the HBLink.txt.EXAMPLE in Notepad or Wordpad.

Add these two lines:

TGIF,, passw0rd, 62031

QRM_Network,, passw0rd, 62031

Click File > Save and save it as HBlink.txt Open BlueDV App. Click on Menu > Setup

In the middle of the screen in DMR+ you should see a dropdown box. Go to the bottom and select TGIF and hit Save.

Installing TGIF Network on BlueDV for Android.

Set IPSC2 to Manual.

IPSC2 host is

IPSC2 password is passw0rd

IPSC2 port is 62031

Start Reflector is 31665

Start TG is 124

On the main screen, upper left, select DM+, type 124 and G for TG Group.

NOTE: Depending on which operating system of Android you have. Working features will vary.


We would like to thank Robert K4WZV, Mitch EA7KDO, Ty KG5RKI & the rest of the network admins for providing this fantastic network, and for allowing the use of this talk group. Thank You!