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This is the TGIF / DMR Talk Group established for the CW Ops club and CW Academy. It is also available for any CW operators or those with an interest in CW. (TGIF Master Server - TG-32103) {Color code 1 and Time slot 2 for simplex Hotspots}

Any member of CW Ops is welcome to use this talk group. Anyone who is not a member but has an interest in CW is encouraged to use the talk group.

This TG is really for anyone to use to talk about CW, not just a CW club member (doesn't matter what CW club). We encourage anyone that has an interest in CW, learning CW, or improving their CW skill is welcome to contact others on this TG to discuss CW, DX, rag chewing, contesting, etc.. Essentially, any discussion that is Amateur radio related is "OK" (i.e. - CW paddles, Bugs, straight keys, antennas, rigs, tuners, amps, etc., are all ok topics - In addition to discussions about CW, of course). Rag Chewing is encouraged.

Members of CW Ops - especially CW Ops CW Academy Advisors are encouraged to Elmer (mentor) anyone wanting to discuss learning CW or improving CW skills and rag chew discussions of this type are highly encouraged...the more the better!!

Also, this talk group can be used to set up skeds, or discuss activity related to the CW Ops Club or CW Ops-CW Academy program.

Currently, there is a bridge between this talk group (TG-32103) and the Yaesu digital Fusion mode on FCS-003 server module, Reflector / Port 83 (FCS-003-83 or FCS003 83). This means if you have a Yaesu Fusion digital radio and a typical 'Hot Spot", you can connect to FCS003-83 and talk with someone on the TGIF (DMR Master server) Talk Group 32103 while they are using DMR. It should normally be seamless between modes. The FCS-004 - 83 has been allocated for CW Ops and is now bridged.

The XLX server 483 (XLX 483) is now on-line. It is able to do DMR and also is transcoding DStar. XLX-483 Module A for DStar to transcode and Module C for Dstar to Dstar only. DMR is Reflector 4001 also on Module A. Wires X is also up and bridged to above. It is: CW Ops - Room 40586 (Fusion).

To be added as soon as possible: There will be servers / bridges added for Fusion (YSF server) and / or possibly other modes (P25, NXDN). CW Academy website: CW Academy

Have fun! de K6HP CW Ops #1267 CW Academy Advisor

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