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CommsConnectUS TG 4412[edit]

Welcome to CommsConnectUS!

No one can help everyone, everywhere, all the time. But, everyone can help someone, somewhere, sometime!

What IS CommsConnectUS?

The CommsConnectUS (CCUS) program is really quite simple, but very powerful!

It is a combination of various “Comm-Links and platforms” that interface our network of HAMS, Non-HAMs, and our “army” (the combined membership of all of our “Partner Groups”), to provide emergency assistance to any member of those Partner Groups. However, you MUST be a member of one of CCUS’s Partner Groups to participate.

We currently have a combined CCUS Team of over 155,000, including our network of almost 40,000 licensed Ham Radio Operators. If you need emergency assistance, chances are excellent that we have someone near enough to lend assistance, no matter where you are.

CCUS was created in order to provide an added layer of security, protection, and accountability for members of our Partner Groups by providing an intact Communications network even when conventional systems are compromised or down.

Diminished communications can be the result of anything from a large scale natural/manmade disaster, to a lone Traveler going through remote areas of the country with diminished or no cell phone coverage. Sometimes, it’s a lone Traveler who just wants the reassurance that they aren’t traveling alone.

Since its inception, the CommsConnectUS program has successfully accomplished hundreds of Traveler Missions, both nationally and internationally, and dozens of Operations and Missions during natural and man made disasters (including several “Rescues”). We also work closely with other “Assist Organizations” such as AmRRON, The Cajun Navy, etc., to better coordinate rescue efforts, and to share resources when needed.

The objective of CCUS is not to take the place of any 9-1-1 Emergency Service, system or agency, nor even AAA. But, it is intended to provide the peace of mind in knowing that there is a nation-wide network of over 155,000 like-minded brothers and sisters who are ready, willing, and able, to offer assistance if and when it is needed.

A member in another group recently posed the question, “How can you offer this for free, what’s the catch?”. If you have the same question, here is my cut/paste reply to her:

“Let me explain please. I am 64 years old, and have been blessed beyond belief. I am retired after a wonderful 35 year career in urban Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement (SWAT), with military service prior to that. My background also includes Emergency Management. So, I know that some things look good on paper, but may not necessarily work well in real life during emergencies and disasters. Established traditional Comm routes are perfect examples.

In other words, my entire adult life has been in the service to others, in one capacity or another. I guess old habits are hard to break.

I have also always been a “Builder” of groups and organizations that fill some particular niche, where nothing else has. That has always been my passion. CommsConnectUS, is just one of many of such projects, none of which have I ever charged a dime for. I may have created CommsConnectUS, however, with the help of MANY people, WE have been able to grow it into the very important and thriving Program that it is today.”

My most sincere thanks to the members of the CommsConnectUS Ops Team, members of our CCUS-HAMNet, our CCUS-Zello Corp, and ALL of our Partner Groups, who make this work.

May we always have each others’ six!

James “Mike” White Director, CommsConnectUS (KN4OWO)

Please note: Assistance is NOT guaranteed, but rest assured that we will do our utmost to get assistance to you, should you need it!