Global DX System

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Global DX System

The Global DX System is a multi-mode communications system for the ham radio community. This system includes DMR, YSF Fusion, Wires-X, Allstar and Echolink. Future plans include P25 and DStar. Repeaters and Links from around the world are allowed to connect to the Global DX System via Echolink, Allstar, and Wires-X.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Nets aired on the Global DX System. Be sure to check out our new Net Schedule now in a calendar format. If you host a Net or know someone that does and would like for it to be aired on the Global DX System please contact us.

You can also stay informed by liking our Facebook Page. Like us on Facebook at Join our Facebook Group at

Connect with us on any of the following Modes:

TGIF Network TG 31669

Echolink Node 769846 *GLOBALDX*

Allstar Node 44102 "Global DX System"

YSF Reflector 04162 "US - Global DX"

Wires-X Node 40626 "GLOBAL-DX-SYSTEM"

The Global DX System can now be accessed by the WB4GBI 440.575 repeater is co-located with the 146.940, 444.300, 927.0625, and the 144.940 D-Star repeaters on Bluff Mountain (Greentop) in Sevier County, Tennessee. It was placed on the air in its permanent home on September 3rd, 2015. The repeater is a Motorola MTR-3000 100 watt UHF repeater. It is affiliated with the "Brandmeister" DMR repeater network. The Windrock repeater is also connected up during the nets thanks to KD4CR. Learn more about this amazing repeater system at Learn more at

James Pfeifer - KE0KEY

Global DX System


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