Guns and Ham

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Guns & Ham

This talk group is for CIVIL conversations interested in Firearms and Amateur Radio. The idea originated from a conversation that was held on another talk group and showed a lot of participation and great information. A day later there were comments made that guns and politics shouldn't be on that talk group and some people were "offended" because they didn't appreciate the imposition on their listening schedule. SO, the idea of this talk group seemed imperative. While this talk group is building, it will be a spot for others to come and have CIVIL conversations without harassment, name-calling, cussing, or arguing. Any of those offenses WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED because this is going to be a fun, peaceful place for people to come and rag chew about their hobby and interest without interference. With that being said, Please add GUNS & HAM to your code plug and come in often. Not everyone is retired or has weekends off though so please, check back often and bring friends. Once the talk group gets "regulars" I will need some help to organize a weekly net and maybe more. So again, Welcome and please stop by to make this another home on the TGIF Network. Thanks and Welcome to "GUNS & HAM" Talkgroup #357