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Welcome to the Helpdesk Talkgroup channel 4357 (HELP). This is a place where you can ask a question about anything and the others in the group will do everything in their power to answer it for you. There are no stupid questions. If you consider yourself proficient at the topic being asked or have some input please feel free to hop in and help answer. If you are asking a question please do not be afraid while hearing the answer to ask for it to be repeated or stated slower so you can follow the response. Please be nice to each other on this channel as we have all been there even with the "you've got to be kidding me, that is all I had to do" type answers. This is not only limited to radio based questions but can be anything that is a legitimate question (like I said there are no stupid questions; however I, nor anyone else knows the meaning of life or how to solve world hunger).

Use the talkgroup for radio checks as well. Most in the group monitor through a dashboard so instead of a "sounds good to me" response you will probably be answered with your actual loss, bit error rate, and sound quality report.

Hop on in and ask or answer away. Also if you want to save this talkgroup into your codeplug for you to move over to when someone on your talkgroup asks a question with a lengthy answer feel welcome to do so to clear up the traffic in the talkgroup you are in and open it back up for normal radio use of the subject that talkgroup was designed for. Please just make sure to follow standard procedures of making sure the group is clear of traffic prior to starting your explanation and then during a break between stations identify your call sign and you will be recognized.

Have fun and Welcome to Helpdesk, grab a ticket (get the pun there) and ask your question!