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TGIF TG248 is linked to FCS004/32 LincsLink. This, in turn, is linked to MB6SL WIRES-X Gateway (Room 41087) in Lincolnshire, UK.

This is a local Gateway, catering for C4FM enabled Amateurs in the area local to Cranwell, some 15 miles south of the city of Lincoln in Central England. There is a link on FCS004/32 for C4FM users and now TGIF TG248 for access via DMR as well as AllStar on node #46826 and EchoLink on 2E0ENN-L.

You may hear courtesy tones at times, these originate from the AllStar link - please ignore them, I am working on a fix to get rid of them and hope to have it sorted soon.

I look forward to many QSO's and please leave a few seconds between overs to allow the links to synchronise.

de 2E0ENN