Mag COMM 333

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                            Welcome to Mag COMMS
                      Talk Group 333 on the TGIF Network
   This talk group is for all preppers or militia groups nationwide to use for        conversations/operations. No time limits.
   For all DMHR (Digital Mobile Ham Radio) users on the TGIF Network.
  This group was created with the intention of bringing as many like-minded people together as possible for communications networking. This is the one thing that is not always at the top of the preparedness list. A place for individuals to establish their own preparedness plan. 
  Prepper used to be a word reserved for ‘conspiracy theorists’. People would think you were a little strange if you were ready at a moment’s notice to evacuate with a Ham Radio Go kit, or if you stored extra food and water in case the stores shut down due to a natural disaster. That’s no longer the case. Those who are aware and are preparing for survival are no longer just the radicals hiding out in the hills. Everyday people, just like you, are asking questions, gathering information, making survival lists, purchasing supplies for preparedness and networking with others by radio.
  Our world is experiencing a frenzy of change and uncertainty. Natural disasters seem to be greater and more numerous than ever before. There may be a time when the electricity grid goes out, or water becomes contaminated, or the grocery store shelves are picked clean and your home becomes unsafe and unlivable. Earthquakes and hurricanes do not discriminate. There are also the everyday disasters that you hear about on the news, such fires, floods and tornadoes that wipe out the home of an entire family's and cause serious injuries or death to those who were not prepared.