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This is the Nextion Talk page. We created the Nextion Talk talkgroup so we could QSY there to talk everything Nextion. We can QSY away from the main talkgroups so we do not bore everyone on the main talkgroups. Everyone is always welcome to go to talkgroup 1000 and ask questions or contribute. You will usually hear us on talkgroup 31665 asking our contact to QSY to 1000. We discuss Nextion code, new features we might wish to incorporate, or helping a fellow ham get their display working properly. The talkgroup is usually not monitored, but you can find the Nextion crowd on TGIF, talkgroup 31665. Talkgroup 31665 is where we monitor. We are always ready to discuss or assist. 73 and, happy Nextion! Mitch Savage EA7KDO