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The NorCal Multi-mode system is provided for northern California QSO's, California QSO's, USA / North America QSO's, and world-wide QSO's to northern CA. or USA stations. Rag-chew QSO's are acceptable and encouraged. Please leave a pause (3 to 5 secs.) between PTT's (after another has un-keyed and before you key up) so others can get in momentarily to advise another to QSY if they don't want to wait until your QSO is done. Thank-you!

The NorCal Bridge - Multi-mode "System" currently includes one UHF repeater (low level currently). Hopefully, we can get a few more Fusion or MMDVM repeaters up at a few more sites after the first one is placed on-line.

The system includes a Wires X node, YSF server, XLX server, P25 server and a NXDN server. The system currently has bridges connecting to the repeater and Wires X node.

The TGIF server administrators (EA7KDO-Mitch and K4WZV-Robert) (Thank-you gentlemen) provided us with a TGIF Talk Group on their new TGIF DMR server - TG 30639 (DMR). Because of the off-site reliability of the TGIF server it will probably become the corner-stone of the system.

In addition to the TGIF bridge there are FCS bridges, YSF bridge, NXDN bridge, P25 bridge, Dstar bridge, and DMR bridge (XLX). The P25 will only bridge over to the Fusion systems if your Fusion radio is in VW (Voice Wide) mode. You can talk and receive a station on P25 if your Fusion radio is in VW mode or is a P25 radio. We are working on a "fix" to allow P25 to cross over to the DN modes including DMR and NXDN.

Further information specifically about access to the P25 and NXDN bridges will be added. Thank-you to the Pi-Star group which has added both P25 & NXDN Talk Groups 30639 to the drop-down menu on the Pi-Star configuration page.

Thanks again to the TGIF management group, including the hams working behind the scene to make TGIF work, for adding TG30639 to the TGIF server!