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The North Shore Hamsters Talk Group 847 is home to a number of hams in the greater Chicagoland area. Many of us are active on all three of the popular ham-centric digital modes, D-Star, Yaesu System Fusion and DMR. Our talk group number is based on the local area code, 847.

A number of our members belong to the North Shore Radio Club, NS9RC, which is based in Chicago's north and northwest suburbs.

The North Shore club operates the following digital repeaters:

D-Star - 442.09375+ MHz - normally connected to D-Plus Reflector 51C but also connects to local repeaters as well as local and regional nets. Hotspot users and repeaters are welcome to connect directly to REF51C.

D-Star - 1292.200- MHZ - Available for voice communication

Fusion - 147.345+ MHz (PL107.2) - Normally connected to the MNWis Room (#21493) Wisconsin-Minnesota group.

Also affiliated with our group is the K5TAR Fusion repeater, 440.81875+, which is also normally connected to the MNWis Room.

So, if you are in the area and forgot your hot-spot, feel free to stop by and give us a call. Most of us have our radios or hot spots tuned to the rooms/reflectors mentioned above.

The Chicago area has MANY DMR repeaters, but they are all affiliated with either DMR-MARC (DMR+) or a regional group with limited connections to Brandmeister. A lot of the local community would like an alternative to these networks, especially those who own hot spots. As far as we know, there are no local repeaters that carry the TGIF network...yet. However, now that TGIF has a true System Fusion Room, the North Shore Radio club has made that an option on the 147.345 Fusion repeater. Thus the NS9RC Fusion repeater can link to TGIF room 31665. Since we have quite a few Fusion radio users, you will likely hear some of us experimenting with cross mode operation.

The Talk Group is open to everyone. So, feel free to stop by TG #847 to say hello and introduce yourself.

Enjoy TGIF!

Warren KC9IL