Northampton Digital Amateur Radio Group

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Welcome to TGIF Talk Group 36250, the Northampton Digital Amateur Radio Group (NDARG).

We are a group of Amateur Radio Users based around Northampton in the UK and are dedicated to advertising and advancing the Amateur Radio Hobby.

All are welcome to this friendly chat group.

Getting more users daily, new (M7) and old (G0). A learning curve for us all but we are getting there!!

Really pleasing is the amount of users now participating on this Talk Group, people available for a chat all day and evening.

For questions and inquiries please contact Bill at


To access Talk Groups on TGIF-

Just key up on the talk group you want (ie TG36250)

No need to disconnect (ie 4000)

You can only be on one TG at a time unless you go to SCAN TG777, you then can hear all active TG's on the TGIF network.

For help in setting your hotspot for TGIF access -

TGIF Forum -

Pi-Star Forum -

BlueDV -