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OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

The OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc. was founded on August 17, 1952 as the OMIK Electronic Communications Association by Black hams from the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. OMIK seeks to:

  • Promote fellowship while advancing the art of amateur radio.
  • Expand and upgrade the ranks of amateur radio operators.
  • Provide public service and further international goodwill.
  • Coordinate OMIK-affiliated ham radio clubs.
  • Encourage and motivate youth to further their education beyond high school through scholarships and other financial assistance.

An International Educational and Scientific Organization Founded in August of 1952 OMIK is a 501(c)(7) Organization • The OMIK Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) Organization

For more information please visit OMIK

This page is intended to convey information to members and is not a solicitation for donations where it would violate State or Local Law.