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OMISS or O.M. International Sideband Society was originally started in June of 1981 on twenty (20) meters in the General class portion of the band. Eventually OMISS evolved to the list / awards net of today including nets on seven bands. It is the perfect place to start for new hams (Amateur radio operators) who are looking for activities or a mentor (elmer). While learning about HF (chatting on AIM) you can work towards your WAS award. Also, other awards are available from OIMSS. OMISS is relevant if you are a new ham or just coming back into Amateur Radio or an experienced OP (operator) with years of HF experience there is something for everyone from being a Net Control, a relay station, a co-logger, or just someone checked into a net to try to work other stations on the work list, you will have fun!

A new and growing facet of Amateur radio is the digital audio modes. Instead of using a FM radio, hams are now getting into digital audio with Fusion, D-star, DMR, NXDN and P25 radios, repeaters, and hosted talk groups. Systems and their outside connections run from a huge server at a server farm to a hot spot at a ham's home. Or, a repeater that can do one or more of the digital audio modes (MMDVM) linked from one or more sources to a repeater on a hill top, providing access to various modes or talk groups, rooms, reflectors, etc.. The first mode available for OMISS is DMR with the implementation of the TGIF (DMR Master Server) Talk Group of 93581. The story behind the talk group assigned is Don - WY6T OMISS member #8988 was attending a Board of Directors meeting. He asked on the chat window near the end of the meeting if anyone knew if OMISS had or could put up a digital system with either DMR, D-star, Fusion, P25 or NXDN. Using that as a catapult to get it started, a Talk Group was requested and subsequently obtained from the Admins at the TGIF DMR group by K6HP. The Talk Group number requested from TGIF-Admin to generate the TG on their server was picked simply because it is Don's (WY6T) zip code, which made it easy to come up with a Talk Group number for OMISS with a small relevance to the club!! As they say, the rest is history.

Welcome to the OMISS Talk Group!

Please refer to the OMISS website for more information:

73, The OMISS Team