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This talk group is for RV and camping enthusiasts. Whether you are a full-timer, vacationer, weekender, work camper, building your own RV of any sort or just enjoy popping up a tent, this group is for campers of all kinds. We welcome anyone to join us and share your experiences, tips & tricks, plans, chit-chat with a cup of coffee next to a fire or just shoot the breeze. This group is also welcoming people going to various hamfests and events to use as a "TALK-IN" group. Most hamfests and events have various types of camping people attending which could use a hotspot in their mobile setup to utilize the talk-in or just sit by the fire and chat with others. Not everyone is retired or has weekends off though so please, check back often. Thanks! And again, Welcome to "RV-CAMPING-TENT TALK" Talkgroup #357.