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Rhode Island Chat (or RI Chat) began on Brandmeister in late 2017. A group of friends and I decided to have a meeting place away from the main channels of 310, 3100, and so on. Every morning we would converse on Rhode Island Statewide. At a certain point, Brandmeister recommended moving away from the statewide channels to keep them free. Even though there was only one Brandmeister machine in Rhode Island, we started looking for a new place. We noticed one talkgroup that was static, so we referred to that as "RI Chat".

After a while I realized that the talkgroup we were using was also the DMR id of the repeater. Not long after that, the talkgroup became a PTT group. Two of us was on the repeater while a third was on a hotspot in Maine. I wrote the admins at Brandmeister, and asked for a publicly known talkgroup. 31441 became the Rhode Island Chat. I then asked the admin of the local repeater if we could get 31441 to be static, so we could park there and listen if someone came on. We were denied and told to just use Rhode Island Statewide. We had to use a system where we would text the group if we wanted to get on the air. While that worked fine, I found myself constantly having to key the repeater while mobile. The two of us that used the repeater eventually got hotspots, and we stopped using the repeater. I still had to, unless I brought my hotspot.

During 2018, we stopped talking and stayed in constant with each other via messaging. We never had a large amount of people stop in, and there was a new talkgroup in RI that was being constructed with multi-linking via other protocols. The problem was that it was always busy, and we were used to having our conversations without disturbing others.

It was during this time that TGIF moved from Brandmeister onto their own server. As different talkgroups were created, I decided to move RI Chat to TGIF. Robert K4WZV approved the request and we begin anew. We dropped the 1 and used 3144 as it would identify us as RI.