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I want to say Thank You to the TGIF Network for allowing me to have a Talkgroup - K6KRI

I generally monitor the channel and make attempts to communicate with anyone who keys up the TG. I do work at nights during the week - California Time - Most times during the week, I am on starting 3:30 pm as my Husband KJ6NDM commutes home from Los Angeles. The TG is new, so it will take time to establish a usergroup. Please feel free to use the TG should the one your on is too busy.

'Trivia - Trivia is hosted on Sunday evenings - 5:00 pm California Time for 1 hour

                    After checking in, when Trivia starts, go ahead with your answer, no callsign
                    required after each answer, which allows trivia to run smooth and quicker.
                    Upon asking the Question, if I don't respond back, it means no one has gotten
                    the right answer. I generally give hints, if nobody answers. Come and test
                    your knowledge, pull up a comfortable chair with your favorite Beverage &
                    have some Fun b4 the Monday Blues come around :)

'MENTIONS': I want to give a Special Welcome to W9CCH - The very 1st Contact on the 147435 TG

'First Trivia Game': I want to say Thank You to the First Trivia Players

                                     You all Did Really Well!'

Zello Channel: T G I F DMR TG 147435

                 I am an avid Zello user as well...I created a Channel on Zello for anyone
                 on the TGIF network...No callsigns required, No password needed. Once you 
                 add yourself as a contact, your automatically accepted. All I ask is for 
                 no F Bombs....However, Freedom of Speech is fully accepted. No harassment
                 allowed, and debates are always welcome :)
                 I retained my website from back when I owned the 147.435 Renegade Repeater
                 While I am no longer a Renegade, hehe, I still run the website for my
                 tenure as owner/trustee of that repeater.

Website  : Email  : Facebook : Twitter  : @KE6RRI (My Original Callsign) Website  :