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== Welcome to the Technology First TG 204 on the TGIF network ==

You can also join us on:

  • Allstar: Node 41611
  • EchoLink: 44686 (W8UFO-L)
  • Hamshack Hotline: Ext. 94019
  • Telegram:

    A friendly and helpful place to discuss all different aspects of technology

    Any questions or enquiries please email:

    We have scheduled the following nets for your enjoyment:

  • Young Transmitters NZ Net
    0300-0500 EDT Mondays (0700-0900 UTC Monday)

    Tn brandon2019.jpg
  • Brandon Amateur Society Monday Night Net
    2000-2030 EDT Mondays (0000-0030 UTC Tuesday)

  • Ftroop a net for new and returning amateurs
    2000 – 2100 EDT Fridays (0000-0100 UTC Saturday)

  • Flying Pigs Net (about aviation)
    2100 – 2200 EDT Fridays (0100-0200 UTC Saturday)

    We look forward to meeting All