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Welcome to the UK Ragchew 247. This talk group is for anybody worldwide to call in at anytime for a good old RAGCHEW. Subjects will often be technical or just relating to new friendships and reaching across continents.

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I will be monitoring this TG when in my shack or when mobile. At Sleep hours you might find monitoring from other time zones e.g. Canada or ?? Someone may be listening but they may not show up on TGIF dashboard as it eliminates them from memory after 10 minutes. So give us a call and start a chat.


real chew

A request--- if there are more than 3 in the group it might be good to keep overs shorter so everyone can get a say, on rotation, and we might be able to keep the name at the bottom of the list still on the TGIF dashboard. TGIF times your name out at exactly 10 minutes.

Another tip to keep more talks going--if you activate your call sign on the TGIF dash and you are the only one showing, if you listen for the 10 minutes that it stays up then others checking the TGIF dash will know that you are going to answer. A lot of the time we click on and then go somewhere else and others wonder why we are not answering .