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The purpose of this Talkgroup is to give Amateur Radio Operators an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences in the vast realm of Paranormal Science, ask questions of experienced Paranormal Researchers and together explore the field of Paranormal Research. Paranormal is generally defined as being anything that is considered to be beyond the range of normal human experience or contrary to what is deemed to be scientifically possible and as such can be applied to a huge range of subjects including extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, mediumship, ghosts, UFO’s, alien encounters, reincarnation, ley lines, Earth mysteries, Bigfoot and crop circles, in fact anything that is weird, strange or hard to place within a normal scientific category.

My name is Dave Larcombe (KD2KVZ) and I have been in the field of Paranormal Research and Investigation for 25 years. I have investigated hundreds of cases consisting of all manner or Paranormal Activity during this time with many colleagues in the field Whom I hope to convince to become Hams and join in this TG. I am the creator of the World Paranormal Net which began in 2016 on the IRLP and lasted for about 2 years until scheduling conflicts and lack of NCS Stations caused me to have to put it on hiatus. I plan to resurrect this net here on this TG within the next couple months.

This TG isn't just limited to Paranormal Discussions and can be used for general QSO's as well. Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy.

I will be monitoring the TG as much as I can to answer questions and talk Paranormal with those who are interested.