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The YLSystem Is from the other world of amateur radio-- We are an HF group that has been on the air since 1963. We call ourselves a System, not a net because we are stretched far and wide, domestically and internationally. Formed by YLs in Florida as an emergency net, doing medical assistance and phone patches for troops in Vietnam. We have morphed into a bunch of rag-chewers promoting friendship and fellowship.

We run on 20M on 14.332 from 1300z till the band runs out Monday-Friday. On the weekends we are on from 1400-1600Z and come back at 2100z for one hr.

We also have a 40M and 80M sessions.

We started TG 319 for our members to keep in contact when band conditions are not favorable and for those member wishing to contact other members who are ust too close to hear.

We welcome all to this TG and all general class and above to our HF sessions.

Thanks for dropping by.


Larry AB3TY